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Travelling Abroad

Travel abroad is so common nowadays that it is often easy to forget the necessary precautions. Make sure you don’t turn your holiday into a horror story. Consult our practice nurses at least two months before departure. They will advise you what vaccinations are required and what medications you may need. If a prescription is required for Malaria prophylaxis you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor.

Useful free advice on vaccinations etc. is available at

Make sure you have adequate medical insurance. If you are visiting an EEC country you will need an EHIC card which will allow you to receive limited reciprocal health care dependent on the country being visited.  Forms are available from the practice nurses or the Post Office.

  • Take a small first aid kit.
  • Personal hygiene is essential
  • Beware bites from insects and animals. Many diseases are insect borne and rabies is widespread in some countries.
  • Be careful with raw vegetables, salads, fruit, shellfish and ice-cubes. Use sealed bottled water where possible.
  • Respect the power of the sun, use sun creams regularly
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV) are a major health threat throughout the world. Condoms offer some protection.

The Practice Nurse can advise you if you need malaria prophylaxis tablets and whether these can be obtained ‘over the counter’ from a chemist or if you need to see a Doctor to get a prescription, which can then be obtained from our dispensary or a chemist. Malaria tablets always need to be started before going away and for a period of time after you return from your holiday (length of time dependent on type of tablet required) so please book your appointment at least one month (two months if travelling extensively to multiple countries) before departure to allow for this.

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