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Clinics & Services

Finding out you are pregnant

Finding out you are pregnant is an exciting but sometimes frightening experience.  Our aim is to ensure that you make the right choices for yourself and we will provide guidance, support and advice along the way.

I think I am pregnant – what should I do?

If your period is late and you suspect you may be pregnant then you can either buy a home pregnancy testing kit or make an appointment with your GP to provide a sample of urine.

My test is positive – now what?

You need to set the wheels in motion to make an appointment with a midwife.  The early bird service can be accessed from as early as five weeks pregnant.  You can download a referral form to complete and return to us on earlybirdbooking.enh-tr@nhs.net alternatively you can contact your GP surgery to tell them you are pregnant and arrange your first midwife appointment. You will be sent a letter offering you an appointment, a screening leaflet and a green pregnancy booklet for you to begin filling in within seven days of our receiving your completed referral form.

Bronchiolitis Parent Advice Sheet

Bronchiolitis is an infectious disease when the tiniest airways in your baby/child’s lungs become swollen. Read our advice sheet for children and babies under 2 years.


Are you a carer?  Do you, unpaid, look after a friend or relative who is ill, frail, disabled, mentally ill or misuses drugs or alcohol?

This surgery is keen to recognise the valuable contribution that carers make. We are currently working with a local voluntary organisation, Carers in Hertfordshire, to identify carers and give them support. With your permission we can put you in touch with Carers in Hertfordshire who can offer information, support and regular free newsletters for carers. Please complete this form, and send it to the surgery, along with this survey.

The Carewaves newsletters are packed with lots of articles about what we have been up to. View the newsletter to read about:

  • how the Care Act will affect you
  • how pharmacies are prescribing support for carers
  • what our VIP Guest Speakers said at our Annual Conference
Recognising Carers
Tell us if you are caring for a friend, relative or neighbour…
Money Advice Unit’s Support for Carers
Watch the video to find out more…
A practical guide to healthy caring.
Find out more…

Are you a young carer?

Carers in Herts are currently working with Hertfordshire 1125 on a young carers section of the Hertfordshire Young People’s Manifesto. The two topics selected by young carers are:
Young Carer Awareness: awareness of young carers’ responsibilities, impact on education and personal life, and recognition and support for their caring role
Opportunities for young carers: availability of activities and opportunities, and the barriers for young carers in accessing these including financial, accessibility and location.
Carers in Herts would like as many young carers as possible to complete a survey on this subject. Find out more…

Child Health

Your baby’s 6 week check is performed at the surgery and your health visitor can be contacted for health related advice.

Children’s Fever Advice

Most children with a fever do get better very quickly but some children can get worse. Read our advice sheet for children 0-5 years.

Find out more…

Community Midwives

Messages can be left at Lister Hospital Ante-Natal reception on (01438) 314333, extension 5606.

Community Nurses

Community Nurses are attached to the practice. They are available on (01438) 364015 from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm, there is an answer-phone at times when they are not in their office.

Family Planning & Contraception

General advice can be obtained from any of our doctors and family planning trained nurses.

Appointments can be made with a doctor and a family planning nurse for fitting of the coil and contraceptive implants.

Emergency contraception is available in surgery hours from the doctors.

Find out which NHS Service is right for you?

The NHS provides a wide range of services, from pharmacists, to GPs, to urgent care centres and hospitals. It is important that you know which service is the right one to use when you are unwell.

Find out more from our Let’s Use It Right Leaflet.

Health Promotion

Held daily: 9.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

These appointments give an opportunity for screening, discussion and monitoring advice on a wide range of topics listed below. Please ask at reception.

Asthma, diabetes, hypothyroid, epilepsy, coronary heart disease (CHD), healthy eating, healthy travel, menopause, well woman screening, well person, sexual health.


Asthma Review Form

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit an annual review of your asthma symptoms please use this form and return it to the surgery as soon as possible. If your symptoms are deteriorating or if you are have any concerns regarding your Asthma please make an appointment with our Nurse.
Depending on the type of medication you currently use, it is not always appropriate to submit the review form online. You will need to see or speak to a GP or nurse if you have been asked to.

Health Visitors

Health Visitors work closely with the practice advising developmental progress and emotional problems in childhood; in care of the elderly and those with special needs.

They can be contacted on (01438) 737760.

Healthy Eating

Dietary advice and encouragement to achieve and maintain your desired weight. Held by the nurses during surgery hours.

Maternity Services

Ante-natal and Post-natal care is provided by all our doctors.

Nurse Practitioner Led Minor Illness Clinic

Our Specialist Nurse Practitioner can help you with any of the following conditions:

Abdominal pain Haemorrhoids (piles)
Allergic reactions Hayfever
Asthma exacerbation Headache
Bites Head lice
Boils Impetigo
Cold sores Insect bites/stings
Constipation Minor head injury
Coughs and colds Mouth ulcers
Earaches Nappy rash
Eczema Nose bleeds
Emergency contraception Pill check
Eyes – Conjunctivitis Rashes
Eyes – sore eyes Sinus infections
Eyes – Stye Skin complaints
Female urinary tract infections Sore throats
Fever Stomach upsets
Fungal infections including vaginal/oral thrush Worm infestation
Gastroenteritis (vomiting/diarrhoea) Wound infection

Our Specialist Nurse Practitioner will not see:

  • Babies under 3 months old
  • Pregnancy related problems
  • Breast/testicular lumps
  • Chronic ongoing problems
  • Where a repeat prescription is required

View our Minor Illness Clinic Leaflet.

Ask at Reception for further details


There is a daily service in the surgery for blood tests. Please make your appointment with the receptionist.

Practice Nurse Appointments

Our team of Practice Nurses may be seen, by appointment, for many aspects of care, including cervical screening, family planning, health promotion, chronic disease management, advice, smoking cessation, travel and flu vaccinations, etc.

East & North Hertfordshire Wellbeing Service

Welcome to the Wellbeing Team
The Wellbeing Service offers psychological help and practical support for people experiencing a wide range of very common mental health problems such as worry, low mood, insomnia and stress. We also provide support for carers and people who are struggling with the reality of living with long term physical health conditions. Our service can provide help too if you are experiencing anxiety or low mood during or after pregnancy.
Many of the options that we offer are based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) which has shown through research to be a highly effective psychological therapy for people experiencing anxiety or depression. CBT involves looking at the way you think and your ways of coping in order to identify changes that you can make that may help you to feel better.
We deliver treatment in a variety of ways to ensure we can support those needing help as flexibly as possible. Interventions include guided self-help using self-help materials, facilitated Computerised CBT programs, skills based workshops and individual sessions.
If you feel that you would benefit from the service, you are over 16 years and are registered with a GP in Hertfordshire, please make a self-referral by calling the team on 0300 777 0707 or completing a referral form online at www.hpft.nhs.uk/wellbeing-service
Alternatively you can discuss this further with your GP.
Once you a make contact with the team we aim to be in contact within a few days to book your initial assessment appointment.  At this assessment appointment you will be able to discuss your problems in more detail and reach a decision about which form of treatment may be most suitable for you.


Self-referral form

Sexual Health

Appointments can be made with our Family Planning nurses.

Stop Smoking

Smoking – Reasons for giving up

  • Smoking is the biggest single preventable cause of death
  • Lung cancer kills 38,000 people per year in the UK
  • Bladder cancer and stomach cancer risk is doubled
  • Smokers are twice as likely to die of a heart attack
  • On average a smoker shortens his/her life by five minutes for each cigarette smoked
  • Children of smokers are more likely to get chest and ear infections
  • Women get increased risk of abnormal smear or osteoporosis

How to stop

  • Decide on a definite date to stop
  • Get your partner or friend or family to stop with you
  • Put the money aside that you would have spent and treat yourself later
  • Tell everyone you are going to stop

What else can help?

  • We run smoking cessation clinics for our patients – tel: 01438 361111
  • Nicotine chewing-gum or skin patches can help with troublesome withdrawal symptoms.
  • If you wish to quit smoking, text QUIT plus your postcode to 88088, or go to www.nhs.uk/smokefree or www.facebook.com/nhssmokefree or call Smokefree on 0800 169 0 169 (weekdays 9am – 8pm, weekend 11am – 5pm), or textphone 0800 169 0 171.
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Acupuncture

What can you gain?

  • Your chances of avoiding a heart attack and lung cancer will improve
  • It will help that smoker’s cough
  • Your breath, your hair and your clothes will stop smelling of stale tobacco
  • If you are pregnant, your baby will stand a better chance of being born healthy
  • There is a lower risk of osteoporosis for women.
  • Pay less tax!
  • Save money
  • Reduce risks related to passive smoking of those around you
  • Cheaper life/health insurance

Travelling Abroad

Travel abroad is so common nowadays that it is often easy to forget the necessary precautions. Make sure you don’t turn your holiday into a horror story. Consult our practice nurses at least two months before departure. They will advise you what vaccinations are required and what medications you may need. If a prescription is required for Malaria prophylaxis you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor.

Useful free advice on vaccinations etc. is available at www.fitfortravel.scot.nhs.uk.

Make sure you have adequate medical insurance. If you are visiting an EEC country you will need an EHIC card which will allow you to receive limited reciprocal health care dependent on the country being visited.  Forms are available from the practice nurses or the Post Office.

  • Take a small first aid kit.
  • Personal hygiene is essential
  • Beware bites from insects and animals. Many diseases are insect borne and rabies is widespread in some countries.
  • Be careful with raw vegetables, salads, fruit, shellfish and ice-cubes. Use sealed bottled water where possible.
  • Respect the power of the sun, use sun creams regularly
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV) are a major health threat throughout the world. Condoms offer some protection.

The Practice Nurse can advise you if you need malaria prophylaxis tablets and whether these can be obtained ‘over the counter’ from a chemist or if you need to see a Doctor to get a prescription, which can then be obtained from our dispensary or a chemist. Malaria tablets always need to be started before going away and for a period of time after you return from your holiday (length of time dependent on type of tablet required) so please book your appointment at least one month (two months if travelling extensively to multiple countries) before departure to allow for this.


All childhood immunisations, tetanus, travel vaccinations and other immunisations are available.

Influenza vaccinations are given September to January.

Please ask at reception for more details.

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