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Coronavirus – update

Posted on May 19th, 2020


As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the surgery has made some changes to ensure that it can care for patients in the best possible way:

  1. We have moved to telephone appointments instead of face to face.  If you have concerns about your health, please do call us.  Whilst we have made changes to safeguard patients and staff regarding Coronavirus, we are still here and will help patients with other health concerns as much as possible.
  2. For Parents – please see Advice for Parents during Coronavirus for information about children’s health.
  3. The surgery has moved to a same day total triage system. This means that anyone requesting a face to face appointment must have a discussion on the phone with the clinician first. If the GP feels it is clinically appropriate, they will allocate an appointment to see the patient.
  4. Clinicians will place TWO calls, TEN minutes apart and will allow SIX rings each time.  We are still very busy – if you miss both calls you will need to call back and go back onto the triage list, this may be the following day if we are at capacity. PLEASE NOTE THE CALL WILL SHOW AS NO CALLER ID.
  5. We have closed the surgery doors – only those patients with arranged appointments will be allowed entry – please see signs on the main doors and use the door bell.  If you do not have a pre-arranged appointment you will not be allowed entry to the building.
  6. Patients may collect prescriptions and items from the Dispensary via a window that is signposted at the front of the building.  Please if you have not done so – nominate a pharmacy to receive your prescriptions electronically, you will not therefore have to come and collect a paper prescription (this does not apply to Walkern patients). Go to the Prescriptions page on the website.
  7. Advance booking of appointments is suspended for the time being.
  8. Same day telephone appointments can be booked on the phone or via online access – download the NHS app.
  9. Some Nurse appointments can still be booked in advance but the patients will be phoned for screening the day before to ensure that they do not have a cough or fever. Some of our nursing services have been suspended.
  10. Patients will be asked to attend face to face appointments on their own. Partners/friends/family are asked to wait outside or in their car. Where it is necessary for a carer or partner to attend, that individual will also need to be screened before they are admitted.
  11. Patients can use the website to raise non urgent queries via eConsult. Phone lines are still busy, especially first thing in the morning, so using the website will prevent patients having to wait in the phone queues and will allow the Reception team to manage their workload. You can order repeat prescriptions and book routine telephone appointments via the NHS app.
  12. Some non-essential procedures have been temporarily suspended to provide the surgery with the capacity to manage the coronavirus. These include weight checks, health checks and spirometry, routine cervical screening, B12 injections and blood pressure monitoring – you can purchase a monitor from pharmacies or online and submit readings to us via email/the website. Blood tests have also been suspended at the surgery – you can visit the QEII Hospital or Hertford County to have a blood test.
  13. If patients are seen face to face, the GP/nurse will wear protective clothing for their, and the patient’s protection.  Patients should not be alarmed by this and should where possible also wear their own face covering/mask as per Government advice.
  14. Repeat medications can be ordered via the nominated pharmacy or via the website if you have online access or by downloading the NHS app.  All prescriptions will be issued electronically so patients who usually collect their paper scripts will be asked to nominate a pharmacy to which they can be sent electronically. You can do this via the website also.
  15. Patients attending for face to face appointments will need to ring the door bell and be checked by reception rather than on the automatic arrivals screen. Please wear a face covering/mask as per Government advice. 
  16. Patients who have any suspicion that they may have coronavirus MUST NOT come to the surgery.  Instead call us – only if you feel you cannot manage your symptoms.  For general advice please go to and click the Coronavirus link.
  17. Avoid ringing 111. To get medical help relating to coronavirus access online.
  18. All patients considered to be at High Risk have now been contacted. For further information about those at risk and what to do visit the Government website here
  19. We have implemented a Supplementary Privacy Notice during the COVID-19 pandemic which explains changes to the way we process your data during this unprecedented time – please view it via this link Supplementary Privacy Notice – COVID-19 April 2020

The surgery will continually update the way it is working in line with the latest local and National advice. Look for the latest news relating to King George Surgery:

Please see the link regarding government advice








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