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Heatwave – Information to protect yourself from the hot weather during the summer

Dated: 9-Jun-17

Actions to protect children suffering from heat illness
The following steps to reduce body temperature should be taken immediately:
  • move the child to as cool a room as possible and encourage them to drink cool water (such as water from a cold tap)
  • cool the child as rapidly as possible, using whatever methods you can. For example, sponge or spray the child with cool (25 to 30°C) water; if available place cold packs around the neck and armpits, or wrap the child in a cool, wet sheet and assist cooling with a fan
Dial 999 to request an ambulance if the person doesn't respond to the above treatment within 30 minutes.
If a child loses consciousness, or has a fit, place the child in the recovery position, call 999 immediately and follow the steps above until medical assistance arrives:
Beat the Heat: staying safe in hot weather:
Beat the heat: keep cool at home checklist:

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