King George Surgery
135 High Street
Herts SG1 3HT
Walkern Surgery
80 High Street
Herts SG2 7PG
Telephone (24 hrs) 01438 361111

Nurse Practitioner Led Minor Illness Clinic

Our Specialist Nurse Practitioner can help you with any of the following conditions:

Abdominal pain  Haemorrhoids (piles)
Allergic reactions Hayfever
Asthma exacerbation Headache
Bites Head lice
Boils Impetigo
Cold sores Insect bites/stings
Constipation Minor head injury
Coughs and colds      Mouth ulcers
Earaches Nappy rash
Eczema  Nose bleeds
Emergency contraception Pill check
Eyes - Conjunctivitis  Rashes
Eyes - sore eyes Sinus infections
Eyes - Stye Skin complaints
Female urinary tract infections  Sore throats
Fever   Stomach upsets
Fungal infections including vaginal/oral thrush Worm infestation
Gastroenteritis (vomiting/diarrhoea) Wound infection

Our Specialist Nurse Practitioner will not see:

  • Babies under 3 months old
  • Pregnancy related problems
  • Breast/testicular lumps
  • Chronic ongoing problems
  • Where a repeat prescription is required

View our Minor Illness Clinic Leaflet.


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